Han So Hyun

POP Vocal Han So Hyun

Japanese Electronic Band Anemone & Dominic guest vocalist

Jazz Musician Im Dal Kyun Band guest vocalist

DYK Project vocalist


2003 TV Drama “Love Letter” OST “Prayer for you”

2006 3rdCoast EP Japan

2007 The Note Album featuring “Like nothing happened”

2007 Rhymer Album featuring “Seoul nocturne”

2008 3rdCoast 1st Album

2008 TBNY Album featuring “Hay DJ”

2009 TV Drama “Will It Snow On Christmas” OST  “Just, Let it be”

2009 Locksmith Compilation “ Let it snow”

2009~2010 SKT Compilation

2010 3rdCoast EP

2010 Sunday Sunset Album featuring “ Beautiful”

2010 Standing Egg Album featuring “Farewell For you, Not Yet For Me”

2011 Movie “Hindsight” Music Director/Vocal “ The Blue”, “Blue in Summer day”, “Only you, listen.”

2012 Standing Egg Alum featuring “The Sun Hurts”

2013 House music band “Ventura” Guest vocal

2013 Soul Band “Soulciety” Album featuring

2013 Standing Egg 3rd Album featuring “Once Again”

2013 3rdCoast 2nd Album

2013 Han So Hyun Solo Album

2014 tvn drama ‘Emergency Man&Woman’ OST

2015 tvn drama ‘Oh My Ghost’ OST

2015 Hotel Shilla The Library Concert